Sometimes the only way to confront your fears is to face them head on! 

In an effort to get to the root of what's causing her so much stress, Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista) meets up with Terence Anderson (Michael Vartan) to work out her in issues in this clip from Sunday's The Arrangement.

The conversation quickly turns intense when Terence starts calling Megan out for the anger she's been running away from.

"You travelled across the world to confront the step brother who abused you and then also left you. And what kind of person agrees to a contract marriage?" Terence asks. "Enough!" Megan cries out.

"A person who needs it, who feels worthless, who hates herself," Terence adds.

The Arrangement 203


Terence is sure the only way Megan will overcome what's holding her back is if she confronts it and takes control.

"Megan, you're so angry and you've been running away from that anger your entire life, but it's catching up to you. And if you don't turn around and confront it and take control of it, it will keep eating you up from the inside. Trust me, I know Megan because you and I, we're the same," Terence tells a frightened Megan as her eyes well up with tears.

See the chilling moment in the clip above!

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