"I have Captain Davis on the phone for you."

There was a major car crash cover-up on Sunday's episode of The Arrangement. On the episode, Kyle (Josh Henderson) and Megan (Christine Evangelista) worked things out after Megan was replaced on Kyle's movie The Kill Plan. After making up, Kyle and Megan decided to go on a double date with Kyle's friend and superstar athlete Brandon (Colin Lawrence) and his wife Claudia (Leah Gibson).

But the date took a scary turn while Brandon was driving everyone home after a few drinks at a karaoke bar. Kyle and Megan were in the backseat when Claudia started to argue with Brandon about him autographing a lady's behind. The arguing then turned into flirting and a distracted Brandon swerved the car into oncoming traffic!

Brandon was able to swerve out of the way, but the driver on the other side of the road crashed. Megan and Kyle ran over to check on the driver, found that he was unconscious and pulled him out of the car. 

That's when Kyle made a call and shortly after, Terence (Michael Vartan) showed up while police were arresting Brandon. Terence handed his phone to a police officer, explaining he had his captain on the line for him. After talking to his captain, the police officer said Brandon was "free to go."

The next morning, Kyle and Megan saw that the story has been spun (by Terence) in the press to make it look like Kyle and Brandon saved the driver.

"This is all a lie!" Megan said to Kyle. "Terence gets Brandon out of a DUI, then has him spin some bulls--t story about being a hero and now he has to commit to the Institute, right?"

When she started to question Terence's actions, Kyle explained that Terence "saved" his life and everything he has that's good in his life, including Megan, he was because of Terence.

See what the cast has to say about this episode in The Arrangement: Postnup episode above!

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