One audition can change everything!

On this Sunday's premiere of E!'s new series The Arrangement, Kyle West (Josh Henderson) meets budding actress Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista) at an audition for his new movie. And the audition clearly goes well, because Kyle is chasing after Megan in this scene from the episode.

"Megan, wait!" Kyle says after the audition. "That was amazing, you are amazing."

Kyle then sees that Megan is still emotional from the scene and asks if she's OK.

"Yeah it was just um…it was just a really heavy scene you know? And it's been a long 24 hours so I probably just shouldn't be around actual people right now," Megan admits.

The Arrangement


"Look I just wanted to say thank you for making my day, that is what acting is supposed to be," Kyle says.

Megan then thanks him for the compliment and Kyle turns to leave, but then he decides he's not ready to leave her side just yet.

"Are you hungry? Can I take you to lunch?" Kyle asks.

So what will Megan say? Take a look at the clip above to see sparks fly between Megan and Kyle and then watch the premiere of The Arrangement this Sunday to see if Megan accepts his offer!

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