Aidy Bryant, Seth Meyers, Late Night

Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Aidy Bryant just confirmed the cast and crew of Saturday Night Live know exactly how to get the party started.

A self-described "goody two-shoes," the 29-year-old comedian hardly considers herself a drinker, but when it comes to the show's annual Writers Party, everyone is a victim.

"For those who don't know, one of the greatest nights of the year for an SNL staff member is what's called the Writers Party. It's the last Thursday of the season and the writers and the cast go out and theres no guests and it's just a full-on boozer," SNL veteran and Late Night host Seth Meyers explained Tuesday night on his show. 

"You take all the anxiety and stress and power from the season and you pour it into one night of drinking alcohol," Bryant elaborated. "This most recent one that we've had at the end of last season—I would say it almost destroyed me as a human woman."

Grab a blanket and some popcorn because you're in for quite the drunken tale. 

The funny lady recalled that she mysteriously got herself home, but had no idea how. "I woke up in the hallway of my building on the floor, which is very humbling," she joked. "I may look like a painted lady, but I also sometimes sleep on the hallway floor."

However, the reason for why she woke up is the kicker. "The only reason I woke up was because I was hit by a newspaper that was being delivered to my neighbor's door," she added. 

The story ends on a high note, though, as the dedicated employee headed straight to work the next morning despite missing her entire purse and facing a crippling hangover. Fortunately, her doorman found her belongings on a different floor and returned them in a happy ending. 

Still, Meyers had to regale the audience with a photo of the actress from the night in question. Behold—a red-faced, smiling Bryant. 

"The deadness in my eyes and the Irish on my face is so full throttle," she quipped. "It's very rough."

We just have one question—can we come this year?

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