Blac Chyna's a sneaky one!

As Rob Kardashian attempts to weigh himself in this sneak peek from Sunday's series premiere of Rob & Chyna, his fiancée has a bit of fun (literally) behind his back and secretly puts her foot on the scale to throw off the number!

Since Rob can't see what she's doing, he starts to freak out over the 300-lb. reading on the screen. "Wait, what?!" he exclaims. "Nah, this one is the broken one, man. That's crazy!"

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He ditches the "broken" scale to try another while Chyna gives him some advice. "You got to stand very still, Rob," she says. "And you got to stand all the way at the front." LOL!

When Chyna continues her game on Rob's second go, he begins to get annoyed with the mysterious results. "What the f--k is going on?!" he wonders.

Chyna senses his frustration, so she encourages him to try once more—and this time she doesn't mess with him. "Put in your mind lighter," she tells him. "Think lighter. Let's see because you know it's all in your head." Ha!

Of course, the third time's the charm and Rob finally gets an accurate reading of 263 lbs.—but he's still disappointed with that number. "No lie, that's 20 lbs. I gained," he says. "Damn."

Chyna attempts to lift his spirits with positivity. "I told you we got to start running more and getting it in," she says. "Don't get down."

Check out the clip above to watch Rob explain why this weight gain is "depressing" for him.

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