Ashley is ready to be extraordinary.

In this sneak peek from tomorrow's season finale of Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian, celebrity trainer Lacey Stone meets with Ashley for the first time for her initial weigh-in and evaluation.

"I'm very invested in my clients," Lacey explains. "I'm going to be the person that tells you you're special."

Before even hitting the gym, she asks Ashley to lie down on a MRI-like machine that scans her from head to toe and provides information about her weight and body fat. Based on the results, Lacey gently breaks the news to Ashley that she falls within the "obese" range.

"I mean, it makes me feel really bad that I let myself get that bad," Ashley says. "Seeing that number is just puts it all out there that I really don't take care of myself like I should."

"You're at risk for an early death," Lacey tells her. "You've got to start thinking in a different way. You've got to start believing in a different way."

Lacey observes Ashley seems discouraged and sad, but she's prepared to motivate her throughout the journey ahead.

"I want to make as much happen for her as possible," she says. "So, just start on the ground running and get her in shape."

Find out Lacey's words of encouragement in the clip above!

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