Does mother really know best?

In this clip from Monday's all-new Meet the Frasers, Matt Fraser reveals to mom Angela Fraser and sister Maria Fraser his plan to propose to girlfriend Alexa Papigiotis. While Maria isn't fazed by her brother's big news, the Fraser matriarch appears less than pleased.

"I want to talk to you about Alexa. I want her in a different role," Matt notes while easing into his news. "A different role for her."

"Like, what role is that?" Angela inquires. "What kind of role is he talking about?"

As Matt tries to dance around the upcoming proposal, Angela is left further confused. Thus, Matt is forced to say it outright, he wants Alexa as his wife.

"I want to propose to Alexa," the psychic medium states to his family.

Unfortunately, Angela's reaction is a bit underwhelming, referring to the news as "this s--t." In an attempt to help her brother out, Maria reminds their mom that this isn't a surprise at all.

"For an Italian mom, no girl is ever gonna be good enough to marry me," Matt adds in a confessional.

"Absolutely not! He could marry Princess Di and she still wouldn't be good enough," Maria says in support.

However, Angela defends that her displeasure comes from the fact she thinks Matt's too young to get married.

"You're too young, honey! You're only 27," the Meet the Frasers mom explains. "So, when you're 30 you get married."

Of course, Angela's lack of support stuns and upsets Matt, who thought his mother would be excited by the news.

"My mom still thinks of me like I'm 3 years old," Matt laments to the Meet the Frasers camera. "In her mind, she just got done putting diapers on me the other day. C'mon!"

Will Angela get on board with this engagement? For that answer, be sure to watch Monday's all-new Meet the Frasers.

Watch a brand new episode of Meet the Frasers Monday at 9 p.m. in the UK only on E!

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