Bryan Tanaka just made a major confession about Mariah Carey!

On Sunday's episode of Mariah's World, Tanaka revealed, "Man I love Mariah, she's thoughtful, she's inspiring. I don't know there's something so unique about her, she's the queen."

Then during a candid conversation with dancer G. Madison, Tanaka opened up about his relationship with Mimi and revealed he's been "catching some hard feelings" for her.

"I feel like our chemistry is not just professional," Tanaka said. "There's great chemistry professionally, but when we talk it feels like there's a connection that is more than just what we've had for the past ten years."

He later said, "There's something undeniable with this attraction that we have for each other. It feels like we're meant to be together."

So what did Mariah have to say about Tanaka on this episode?

Take a look at the recap to find out and to see how Mariah reacted when Tanaka injured his knee!

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1. Tanaka Opens Up About Mariah:

During his talk with G. Madison, Tanaka explains that he doesn't "cross that line" with any artist he works with, but it's different with Mariah.

"I wouldn't cross that line if it didn't feel the way it does," Tanaka says.

G. Madison tells Tanaka that Mariah is in a "tough position" and Tanaka agrees that it's a "complicated situation."

"That's where I'm trippin'," Tanaka says. "She's engaged so maybe I'm really just trippin'."

"Or maybe you're spot on," G. Madison replies.

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2. Mariah Wants to Do "Something Festive" for Tanaka's Birthday:

After Tanaka helped to surprise Mimi with a sexy dance for her anniversary, she wants to do something special for his birthday.

"So it's Tanaka's birthday," Mariah says. "And I really wanna do something festive for him."

So with the help of Stella and the rest of her team, Mariah sets up a birthday party for Tanaka and he calls her the "best boss in the world."

Later on, Mariah says, "I'm not gonna say, 'Oh I don't feel the chemistry or whatever it is.' Tanaka is a great person, and I'm really happy that we've reconnected."

3. Tanaka Is "Freakin' Out" Over Staying in the Same House as Mariah:

Mariah decides to get a "big house" for her, her team and the dancers to enjoy in Lake Como, Italy and Tanaka is "freakin' out."

"First of all, I'm freakin' out cause I'm about to stay in the same house as Mariah Carey," Tanaka admits. "And it's getting really hard for me because the more time we spend together, it just seems more real. I have these feelings and I can't ignore 'em, but I also have to try not to cross those boundaries, but it's not gonna be easy."

4. Stella Says It's "Obvious" Tanaka Has a "Little Crush" on Mariah:

During a talk with makeup artist Kristofer and hairstylist Danielle, Stella talks about Tanaka's "little crush" on Mariah.

"Tanaka's getting a little cheeky with Mariah," Stella says.

"What makes you think that?" Kristofer asks.

Danielle explains, "The way that he looks at her."

"Here's the thing," Stella says. "It's obvious that Tanaka has a little crush on Mimi. I don't blame him, she's gorgeous, she's a superstar, but he's gotta simmer a little."

5. Mariah Dresses Up as Bianca:

Mariah's dancers and team decide to dress up as her and do some Mariah karaoke, but she has a little surprise for them! She decides to dress up as her alter ego Bianca Storm.

Watch the video above to see Tanaka react to Mariah's alter ego!

6. Tanaka Injures His Knee:

During a "twirl moment" with Mariah, Tanaka injures his knee and has to go to the hospital, where the doctor tells him he has to miss 10 days.

Since he can't perform, the dancers have to take the stage without him and Tanaka is extremely sad about not being able to dance.

"I'm really worried about Tanaka and I can't believe we have to do the show tonight," Mariah says.

The dancers manage to pull off a great show without Tanaka, but Mariah is "really concerned." After the show Mimi checks up on Tanaka and he shows her his swollen knee.

Since he's injured and can't dance, the question of whether Tanaka will have to leave is up in the air.

"I get that I'd slow things down, but I can't imagine leaving right now," Tanaka says. "There's so much that's been growing between us that if I leave now I feel like I'll lose everything."

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7. Mariah Tells Stella She Doesn't Think Tanaka Should Leave:

"So what would you like to do about our injured friend?" Stella asks Mariah at the end of the episode.

"I think that for a dancer it's very scary, it's like if I did something with my voice and I damaged my vocal chords, it's not a joke," Mariah tells Stella. "It's hard for me to explain it but I feel like I have to be a generous person if that's what it is, if that's what we're talking about, and not say that he should go home when he injured himself on my tour. Not because I think it's the world's worst injury he could ever have, but he's a talent and so that's his gift and we need to be mindful of that."

Stella tells Mariah that she's "very kind" because she was going to send Tanaka "on the next plane home."

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