Is Bryan Tanaka's crush on Mariah Carey becoming a "distraction?"

On this Sunday's Mariah's World, the singer's manager Stella has a talk with Mimi's makeup artist Kristofer and hairstylist Danielle about Tanaka.

"Tanaka's getting a little cheeky with Mariah," Stella says.

"What makes you think that?" Kristofer asks.

Danielle explains, "The way that he looks at her."

"He's looking at Mimi like she's supper," Stella says. "Like she's a bowl of pasta in Italy."

Stella then says, "Here's the thing, it's obvious that Tanaka has a little crush on Mimi. I don't blame him, she's gorgeous, she's a superstar, but he's gotta simmer a little."

So is Stella going to say something to Mariah about Tanaka's crush?

Watch the Mariah's World clip above to find out!

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