Mariah Carey's living a sweet, sweet fantasy, baby!

And luckily for us, she's taking us further inside her fabulous and exclusive lifestyle in this new promo for her 8-part E! documentary event, Mariah's World!

"I don't know what other people think about me, and they don't know my story," Mimi says in the clip. "They don't know my life." But we're certainly about to find out!

The diva is obviously no stranger to popping bottles of champagne, flying private jets, hosting extravagant parties, performing sold-out shows, causing global fan pandemonium or casually lounging around the house mansion in lingerie. But behind all the glamour, she's also a mom who enjoys spending time with her kids.

"There is no typical day in Mimi's life," Mariah explains. "Can we just have fun?" You bet!

Check out the Mariah's World sneak peek above!

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