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Just as Lamar's game and his relationship with the Dallas Mavericks starts to improve, something comes up to threaten it. That something is the Mavs going head-to-head against Lamar's old turf.

"I got a game coming up versus the L.A. Lakers, my former team," he says. "I've learned a lot from some of the players on that team—it's going to be a little weird playing against them."

Even though Lamar worries about what the Lakers fans will think, he's on a plane and back in LA for the big game. "I do miss L.A.," he says. "The whole situation is still surreal."

Khloé feels the tension once they're back in their home and reality start to sink in. "I know how nervous he is for the game," she says. "I can't really imagine how that feels and the pressure."

Being home means seeing the family, too, and Jaime is part of that package. Only, instead of asking Lamar how he's feeling, Jaime launches into how the move has affected his VIP ranking. "I feel like I got traded too, but I'm still here," he tells Lamar. "I don't get the VIP treatment anymore."

His best friend's selfish behavior affects Lamar, and he confides in Khloé later, saying, "He didn't even say ‘How are you?' or ‘How you're doing?' or ‘Are you okay?'…I'm the one who had to get up and move and play for a different team."

It's an awkward sitch and Khloé, unsure of how to help her hubby get his head in the game and handle the tense situation, pays a visit to Khadijah and Malika during their photo shoot. Like the great gal-pals they are, they talk about how life is going in Texas and what to do about Jaime. Malika puts in her two cents and says, "I think it's time for some honest communication."

That comes as soon as Jaime walks through the front door looking for his Lakers tickets. Khloé confronts the supposed BFF, and explains how Jaime made Lamar feel.

"Change is difficult," Jaime says after the talk. "But at the end of the day, this is my guy. I want to be there for him and maybe I've been kind of selfish."

And be there for his guy he is, especially on game night when tensions are at their highest and Lamar says, "I'm really ready to get the situation over with."

Whatever Lamar thought—no matter how bad he anticipated things going—he wasn't prepared for what would come. Not only did the former Laker get a standing ovation from the L.A. crowd, but the message "Welcome Back L.O." along with highlights from his games played on the JumboTron.

"I look up and I see all the highlights in that uniform, I have a lot of pride…Those guys will forever be close to me and it just feels good. It feels great. It feels amazing."

After such a warm welcome back to L.A., how will Lamar deal with having to head back to the heart of Texas? Tune in next Sunday, April 22 at 10/9c to watch what happens only on E!

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