Khloe and Lamar

Our fave Kardashian starts off this week's episode of Khloé & Lamar with a phone call to Lamar's grandmother, who says point blank: "So, when are y'all going to give me a grandbaby?" That must be a fun question to try and answer!

"No matter where I turn, everyone asks me when can they expect a baby," Khloé says. "And now Lamar's grandmother. No pressure whatsoever."

Meanwhile, Lamar is feeling stressed on the court after another tough game that leads to spending some time on the bench. "Playing for a new team, you kind of have to prove yourself," he says. "If I don't take advantage of the time that I have in the game, who knows if I'm going to get the opportunity again."

To try and ease some of the pressure, Kim comes to town to keep Khloé company. The sisters hang out in Kim's hotel room, but the light and fluffy talk quickly turns to discussions of Lamar's depression. That's when Khloé reveals what she thinks is the real source of Lamar's problem: the murder of his cousin.

"Lamar has had so many losses in his family," Khloé explains. "But Lamar has never been able to be the one to break down and deal with it. Lamar I don't think realizes what's really bothering him."

There's something that's really bothering Khloé too, and Kim sees it first hand as her sister starts reading letters from fans who offer to be her surrogate. Kim explains it as, "I'm a little worried about Khloe, just because she's always been the toughest out of all of us, doesn't really care what people say and comments don't really get to her. So, I really think that the fact that Khloe's not pregnant right now is starting to affect her."

Apparently it's been bothering Lamar too, as he reveals that he experienced a split second of jealousy when he heard the news of Kourtney's pregnancy. He said his immediate thought was, "Damn, they get to have another baby and I don't."

That's tough to hear, and the shock of it rocks Khloé to the core. The stress of Dallas and babies bubbles to the surface the next day at the Dallas Aquarium when Kim brings up the idea of in vitro fertilization.

"I was so excited to have Kim here…But instead Kim brings up this in vitro thing and it's making me more irritated." They get into a blowout fight on the car ride home and you can't help but feel for both of them. On the one hand, Kim is just trying to help her sister sort through these emotions, while on the other our gal-pal Khloé seems ready to break.

The only thing that calms Khloé down is a call to her big sis Kourtney. "I don't think Kim is trying to make you feel bad," she tells Khloé. "She probably isn't realizing that you get asked about this all the time…I'm sure she's just trying to help."

Khloé hears the truth in this and apologizes for getting mad at Kim. "I don't really think I knew how difficult it was to get pregnant," she says. "I took my frustrations out on one of the closest people to me and I don't think that's fair."

Clearing the air not only helps Khloé, but Lamar's game improves as well, and for the first time as a Maverick he has a stellar performance.

Next week Lamar will be taking that game to play as a Maverick against the Lakers, excited to see how he handles going head to head with his former teammates? Tune in for an all new episode next week on April 22 at 10/9c only on E!



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