Khloe Kardashian Odom, Khloe and Lamar

Will Kim have Khloé's baby? Should Lamar buy Kim a Birkin bag as a thank you? Did Hulk Hogan really mean it when he told Lamar an egg a day is healthy? These were the questions we had at the opening of "No Turkey For Khloé?" However, it quickly became evident that life hasn't been all fun and games for the couple, as Lamar's boredom from the NBA lockout had reached an all-time high (Hint: think playing hangman and baking coffee cake...yikes).

Meanwhile, Rob and Malika were taking care of a different issue: Jamie and his trainwreck new "calling." The best friend/hanger-on was back in action, and this time he set his sights on the American dream: making it as an actor because of who you know, natch. And passion for his craft, or whatever. Luckily for him, Malika has te-riff experience in this industry, and offered to read-through lines and take him to a much needed acting class. Even Rob—not always Jamie's biggest fan—showed up to support him. Though, he admitted, "Malika asked me to come over and show support, not really looking forward to it."

Lamar probably wasn't looking forward to much either. That is, until the very thing he wanted came true! But, as Lamar oughta know, you have to be careful what you wish for. A basketball opportunity knocked, only this one was in Turkey. And, as Rob reminded his big sis, "You know, there was like, a big time incident against the Armenian's. It was called a genocide."

Khloé explained the effed situation as, "My father raised us to be really proud Armenians. So, for my husband to play for a Turkish team, I do not want to offend anybody in my culture."

Sooo the pressures took a tole on Khloé, and she turned to just about everyone she could think of for advice. Including her father's brother, who said the idea of her moving to Turkey, "Bothers me a little bit...I'd probably stay away from it."

It was on Bruce's urging to, "Open up, tell him [Lamar] exactly what your feelings are, good and bad, about going to turkey," that Khloé latah decided to express her hesitations.

Much to her surprise, Lamar met her with compassion and love about whether they should move to Turkey, saying, "These decisions we'll make together, as a team, right? One, two punch." He furthered it by saying, "If we go to Turkey, I think it would be a grand opportunity for her as an ambassador for the Armenian community—to make peace." Good work, Lam!

Luckily, they didn't have to agonize for very long over the move. As Lamar discovered that the NBA lockout ended, and an agreement was reached. So, let's change that episode title, shall we? "No Turkey For Khloé!"

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