Kris Jenner Weighs in on Scott Disick Post-Breakup

The "Kardashians" star shares kind words about Scott after his split from Kourtney K. Plus, Kris gives an update on how Kourtney, Mason and Penelope are doing.
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    • 7:00 AM

      When it Rains, it Pours - Part 2

      Kendall worries that a bad review of the Kendall+Kylie Collection from Vogue could jeopardise...

    • 8:00 AM

      The Ex Files

      After a fight between Rob and Chyna, the sisters feel protective. Kris tries to make amends with...

    • 1:00 PM

      Non-Bon Voyage

      The family flies to St Bart’s to forget their troubles, but drama has a way of following them....

    • 2:00 PM

      Return From Paradise

      With only a few days left in paradise, Kendall and Kylie try to sort out their differences,...

    • 6:00 PM

      Press Pass

      Khloe and Kourtney butt heads over the design of their fitness line, and Kim thinks the family...

    • 8:00 AM

      Guilt Trip

      After taking some personal time following her robbery in Paris, Kim is back to work and fears...

    • 1:00 PM

      The Big Launch

      Kourtney isn't ready for a product launch in NYC, and her sisters let her know it's time to get...

    • 2:00 PM

      Fear of the Unknown

      Knowing her family's history with cancer, Kris wants the girls to take a genetic test to know...

    • 6:00 PM

      My Mother's Keeper

      Khloé struggles to control her temper, Kris plants a tracking device on her mother, and Kim...

    • 8:00 AM

      Family Trippin - Part 1

      After Kim busts Scott with a girl, Kourtney still allows him on the family trip. But when he...

    • 1:00 PM


      Kris decides the family needs 'Communication Therapy' when she and the girls bicker, but her...

    • 2:00 PM

      The Great Kris

      Kim plans a grand 60th birthday party for Kris. When news of Lamar's hospitalisation reaches the...

    • 6:00 PM

      Mime Over Matter

      A guilt-ridden Kourtney must decide whether to go to Egypt without her kids. Meanwhile Khloé...

    • 8:00 PM

      Trimester Trouble

      Khloé attempts to keep her pregnancy a secret while dealing with some complications, while...

    • 8:00 AM

      Family Trippin - Part 2

      Scott's unwelcome guest in Costa Rica causes a stir. Meanwhile, Kim anxiously prepares to...

    • 1:00 PM

      Family First

      The girls create a family video as part of Kris's birthday bash. Khloé looks for a balance...

    • 2:00 PM

      Unforeseen Future

      In the season finale, with her due date rapidly approaching, Kim learns that her house...

    • 6:00 PM

      Bun in the Oven

      Khloé has some big news, but her strained relationship with Corey threatens to overshadow it....

    • 8:00 PM

      The Gender Reveal

      The girls take one last sister getaway to San Francisco before their babies arrive, and Khloé...

    • 8:00 AM

      Classic Cars and Vintage Eggs

      Kim and Kourtney force Khloe to take a sentimental sister trip to Palm Springs. Meanwhile, Kris...

    • 1:00 PM

      Out With the Old, In With the New

      The family is jolted by news that Rob is dating Tyga’s ex. Khloé tries to make sure that Lamar...

    • 2:00 PM

      A New York Family Affair

      Kanye invites the entire family to NYC for his fashion show, but Khloé is worried about the...

    • 6:00 PM

      Diamonds are Forever

      Scott’s behaviour takes a turn for the worse when he learns Kourtney has a boyfriend, while Kris...

    • 8:00 PM

      The Cleveland Show

      Kim and Kourtney finally get a glimpse into Khloé’s private life in Cleveland. Meanwhile,...

    • 10:00 AM

      I Want Your Sex

      Khloé makes a 'love tape' for her husband Lamar Odom of the Los Angeles Lakers. Meanwhile, Kourt...

    • 10:30 AM

      Kendall Goes On Birth Control

      Bruce finds out Kendall is taking birth control pills and decides it's time to talk about the...

    • 11:00 AM

      The Family That Plays Together

      Kris is pestered by Bruce to sign Brandon to her new music management company. Meanwhile,...

    • 12:00 PM

      The Royal Treatment

      During a trip to London with Kim, Scott decides that he wants to become a member of the royal...

    • 1:00 PM

      We're Having a Baby

      The family is overjoyed about Kim's pregnancy, but Kim's surprising behaviour makes them wonder...

    • 2:00 PM

      Papa, Can You Hear Me?

      Bruce is forced to deal with his hearing loss. Scott hears about a woman with cancer who wants...

    • 3:00 PM

      Kris's Mother-in-Law

      Kris worries about a visit from Bruce's mom, Esther, as they've never had much of a...

    • 4:00 PM

      Backdoor Bruiser

      Kris is confused when Kendall starts spending more time with the Jenner side. The kids try to...

    • 5:00 PM

      More to the Story

      Kim pushes Khloe to consider adoption, but Khloe has other things on her mind. Meanwhile, Kris...

    • 6:00 PM

      Doggy Blu's

      Kendall's lack of responsibility for her dog leaves her in a messy situation. Scott hits a bump...

    • 8:00 PM

      MILFs Gone Wild

      Scott gets jealous when Kourtney goes on a girls' trip to Mexico. Kim feels violated when some...

    • 9:00 PM

      Cheers to That!

      Kim struggles to regain her confidence after her trip to Mexico, while Khloé is hurt when Kris...

    • 10:00 PM

      Clothes Quarters

      Kourtney is distracted during a sister getaway with Kendall, while Kim stages an unwelcome...

    • 7:00 PM

      Fan Friction

      Khloé fears that Cleveland fans may turn on her family during a trip to see Tristan and the...

    • 10:00 PM

      Beauty Queen

      Kim anxiously preps for the launch of her new KKW Beauty line, while Khloé scrambles to make...

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