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Kim Kardashian, North West, Kanye West, Instagram


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been busy...getting busy!

"We've really been trying for another kid," the 34-year-old star of E!'s Keeping Up With the Kardashians reveals in People's Feb. 9 issue, on newsstands Friday. "More kids can't come soon enough!" It's been nearly a year since their wedding, and according to Kim, they've already settled into married life. "Our perfect date night is watching a movie in our theater, cooking some food and doing absolutely nothing."

Their main source of joy, however, comes from 19-month-old daughter North West.

North will celebrate her second birthday in June, and if things work out, she might have a sibling on the way! According to Kim, North "is so smart. She is halfway potty trained, which is insane for her age. Last night she looked up at the sky and pointed and said, 'Moon, Mom! Moon!' I couldn't believe she knew that," she marvels. "And she can throw: She took Kanye's phone and put it in the toilet and flushed it."

Kim also shared a few details about the toilet incident with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS-FM Wednesday. "Not last night, but the night before, I hear North in the bathroom and I hear the toilet flushing and flushing. And I run in there and I'm like, 'Wait a minute babe,' to Kanye. 'Didn't she have your phone a second ago?' The phone was in the toilet!" the said on On Air. "I put it in a bag of rice, [but] nothing worked."

What else is the famous family up to these days?

Kim pokes fun at her selfie obsession in a Super Bowl commercial for T-Mobile (it debuted online and on TBS' Conan this week), and if North grows up and feels the same way about selfies, so be it. "I really just started using the phone with North, but thinking to the future, I hope she's strong enough to handle the certain things she'll read. I even worry about that for my little sisters [Kendall Jenner, 19, and Kylie Jenner, 17] all the time, and they're not so little!" the Dash boutique co-owner says. "But when North is old enough I'll probably be a crazy mom, and of course I'll have her password and monitor everything!"

Regarding her commercial, Kim was happy to make fun of herself. "I obviously love selfies, but I get why people think they're ridiculous. To me they're memories, and it's so fun to capture these times in my life. Even I take selfies a little too seriously sometimes," she says, "so it's just really poking fun at that."

Kim Kardashian, North West, Instagram


This May, Kim will release a coffee table book titled Selfish.

"In my book I picked from thousands of images I had. I've been documenting my life with selfies for a long time—my first was in 1984," Kim recalls to People. "But there's nothing more gratifying than taking a gorgeous shot after you have a baby. I love that white bikini selfie. I just felt so good about myself."

Keeping Up With the Kardashians returns this spring on E!

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