Call in the stretch limos and pop some non-alcoholic champagne: Khloe Kardashian is going to prom!

"I've never been to prom before but I have always wondered what prom is like," explains the Good American co-founder in this clip from Sunday's new Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which finds her soliciting high school dance tips from mom Kris Jenner—who believes the bubbly need not be virgin, actually (at least for guests of age).

"Prom is in high school, mom," Khloe eye-rolls, after Kris asks if she can bring a bottle to the occasion. "High school's under 21. You're, like, 18."

"OK, well you're 34," the momager reminds her, to which KoKo gasps, "Are you saying I can't go to prom?!"

But Kris has more exciting ideas. "No, you can go to prom. But you can drink!" she quips. And honestly, does that sound like such terrible advice…?

Moving right along to transportation. Khloe wants to know how one usually arrives at prom, since she feels "like people literally go in helicopters these days."

We don't know any of those people, but Kris might! Even so, she insists her daughter go the classic route and book a limo, since this is prom after all and "you have you have a limo." The Kar-Jenner matriarch also suggests purchasing a boutonniere for her date, who very likely will be bringing a corsage.

And while we're on the subject of Khloe's date, who is this kid? 

As True Thompson's mom goes on to tell the KUWTK cameras, she's attending the event with a fan and longtime Kardashians supporter named Narbeh, who DM-ed her one day asking if she'd go to prom with him.

"It was a really special request," Khloe says. "And I've never been to prom, so I felt really lucky that I was invited."

See Kris' how-to-prom crash course play out in the clip above!

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