When in Bali!

Kim Kardashian is eager to soak up the island's cultural treasures during her family's last few days of vacation, but she probably didn't think she'd have to shed a lock or two to do it. That's nonetheless how things pan out in this clip from Sunday's new Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which follows Kim and Khloe Kardashian to an appointment with Mas Joko, a renowned local healer whose talents have come highly recommended.

"People from the states fly to Bali to see this man," Khloe explains, though it quickly becomes clear the women might not have realized what exactly those people were going to see him for ahead of their own healing session.

"I love connecting with the spirit world," Kim tells the KUWTK camera.

"We just are so open to whatever," her sister agrees. "And we just take it for what it is."

Their open-mindedness comes in handy later on, when Kim and Khloe find themselves subject to some unorthodox spiritual cleansing methods, per Mas Joko's expertise.

"We were asked to maybe be able to help with some life problems," the guru's translator tells their new clients at the appointment's start. Doing that apparently involves extracting negative energy from the body through a variety of means. For example? Mas Joko pinpoints some bad vibes emanating from Khloe's right knee. To remove it, he puts a straw to her kneecap and sucks vigorously for several minutes.

And that's hardly the half of it: when Mas Joko identifies a "problem with stomach acid" during Kim's session, he recommends using a strand of her hair to help rid herself of the issue. The KKW Beauty founder is totally on board for the nontraditional remedy, but, "It's fake though," she tells the healer, gesturing to her extensions. "Does it matter if this is not my real hair?"

Kim eventually finds an extension-less lock—and promptly snips it off right then and there—for the procedure. See what Mas Joko tells her to do with it in the clip above! And hear Kim and Khloe's major takeaways from the intriguing ordeal. 

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