Coco Austin, Peep Show

Courtesy of Coco/Planet Hollywood

When we last left Coco, she was packing her bags for Vegas with tears in her eyes, wondering if it was the right choice. But by the end of this week's season finale of Ice Loves Coco, it was clear that her decision was a good one.

After a pep talk, Ice-T flies with Coco to Vegas, where they check out the Peepshow stage at Planet Hollywood. "You have to picture me with like, less clothes on," Coco explains as she struts down the runway.

Once Ice-T heads back east, Coco starts her rehearsals. Even though she says that performing on a big stage is "a totally different cup of tea," she gets cheers from the new cast for her dance moves and is feeling confident.

But that confidence turns to fear as Coco learns about her entrance at the top of the show: she'll be lowered from the ceiling with only a sheet of silk holding her. Considering her fear of heights, she's not thrilled with the idea.

To make matters worse, Ice calls to tell Coco that his Law & Order schedule will keep him from seeing her first performance. "I don't think I'm ready," Coco admits to her mother and sister the night before the show.

And hey, Ice isn't doing that much better without Coco. The man is eating fast food every night!

When opening night comes, though, Coco is a hit. The audience cheers her dancing and laughs at her jokes, and her entrance in the silk goes off without a hitch.

Ice isn't surprised by her success: "Only thing Coco can't do, if she tries, is live without me," he says. "I'm her drug." That line gets a loving eye roll from Coco. All together now: "Awwwww!"

That's it for this season of Ice Loves Coco, but be sure to check back here for more updates and news about everyone's favorite couple!

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