ILC 308

Coco thought she had some big problems at the start of this week's episode of Ice Loves Coco: she was stressing about going to Vegas and doing Peepshow while trying to get as much work done on the new house as possible before leaving.

But pretty soon, Coco realized she had bigger fish to fry: Hurricane Sandy was coming. She warned Ice about it, but he wasn't concerned: "Ain't no hurricane gonna hit New York City," he said calmly.

Ice isn't wrong often, but he definitely was with that one. Just a few days later, Coco was standing on the balcony in high winds, recording a video about the storm.

After that, Ice and Coco were left without power for days. Coco had her survival kit with "hurricane heels" (they're waterproof, folks) and a headlamp ("Oh good, in case we need to go coal mining," groaned Ice), but Ice had a different weapon: his box of wires. After a bit of McGyvering, Ice at least had some power going to the fridge so they could eat, and to the aquarium so the fish wouldn't die.

But Ice and Coco got a surprise: Kristy and Kyle had been planning a visit, and still managed to get on a plane and come to New Jersey even though the hurricane had just hit! Coco was surprised but thrilled. "Don't they look at the news?" Ice asked.

With Kristy and Kyle's reports and with news finally coming in on her phone, Coco learned about the devastation that had come from the hurricane. The three of them quickly teamed up with Soulgee and Diana to volunteer with the Salvation Army in Hoboken to provide some hot meals to those in need.

"People have lost so much in this storm," said Coco, "but at least we were able to get them a hot meal." As for Ice, he was plenty proud of Coco's volunteering: "One of the reasons I fell in love with Coco is she's so selfless," he said.

Coco still has to head to Vegas soon, so be sure to tune in next Sunday at 10:30PM for the two episode season finale of Ice Loves Coco!

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