ILC 303

It's a testament to the strength of Ice-T and Coco's relationship that their biggest argument this season has been about Ice's gross cereal bowl. Seriously, Coco gets riled up about Ice eating out of the thing, but Ice knows when to pick his battles, and he's picking this one. "Why deprive me of my one joy?!" he cries. And then he slurps his milk.

Coco faces a couple of challenges this week; one is the big decision she has to make about having kids. No, Coco isn't thinking about having a baby right now, but Diana warns that she is getting older (thanks Diana), and that maybe Coco should consider freezing her eggs.

Ice's reaction to that idea is something along the lines of "WHAT?!" Ultimately, though, he's supportive of the two of them at least looking into the idea. When they get to the doctor, though, Coco discovers that the procedure is complicated, involves a lot of injections, and even after all of it still only offers a 50/50 chance of success.

So, Ice and Coco both agree that freezing eggs isn't the way to go. Coco wants to get pregnant naturally when the time comes, anyway. Ice isn't worried, either: "You'll be okay, you're Fertile Myrtle," he says. He's reassuring and alliterative! What a guy.

Coco's other challenge for the week is a perfect example of why now is not the time for a baby: she's busy trying to prepare for a surprise gig as the weather reporter for Good Day New York! Believe it or not, it has always been Coco's dream to be a weather girl. "When I was little, I thought meterologists were like, psychics," she says.

But no amount of ESP could have prepared Coco for the actual event. She's nervous right up until showtime, as she has never interacted with a green screen before and doesn't know a lot of the terminology. Things are rough at first, as she says things like "50 perchance of rain" and points to Memphis instead of Albuquerque. Don't feel bad, Coco: I don't think I could pick out Albuquerque on an actual map, much less a green screen.

Luckily, Coco has regular meteorologist Mike Woods on her side, and they have a plan to put the ball in Coco's court: she starts giving the "Hair Forecast," telling all the ladies out there how the weather will cause flyaways and other follicular problems. Mike's wigs are pretty good too.

So Coco got to live one of her childhood dreams, but the subject of babies didn't get much resolution. Ice has some wisdom on the matter: "You know what we say on the streets," he lectures. "You think long, you think wrong." Again with the rhyming wisdom. That's what you get when you marry a rapper.

Ice's other idea sounds pretty good though: running a Coco Clone business on the Internet. Who wouldn't want a clone of Coco? Come to think of it, Ice might want to think about cloning himself if he's going to keep eating those gas station burritos with ketchup packets.

Tune in next Sunday at 10:30PM for another all-new episode of Ice Loves Coco, only on E!

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