If you thought Coco's plans for Diana's bachelorette party were outrageous, wait until you hear her funeral plans!

When Coco, her mother Tina, and her bestie Diana get together, the conversations can take some pretty weird turns. In this bonus clip from Sunday's episode, the ladies start talking about Coco's odd habits, such as naming her moles and freckles. We're all very sad to hear that Betty Sue is no longer with us. RIP Betty Sue.

The conversation then takes a turn for the macabre, as Diana asks if Coco wants to cryogenically freeze her head when she dies. Tina, with all her talk of chi this week, has a different approach: "I'll just reincarnate," she says casually.

But Coco has the most Coco-esque approach to the whole ordeal: she wants her ashes to be turned into a diamond! That would be perfect for the super-glam Coco, but Diana sees a downside. "I don't want some bitchy girl wearing me," she says, and Tina is just skeptical of the whole thing.

You learn something new every day! Would you turn your pets into jewelry, or is this idea just too weird? Let us know what you think!

Be sure to tune in to an all-new episode of Ice Loves Coco onext Sunday at 10:30PM on E! and see what other ideas Coco comes up with!

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