ILC 302

When you consider that Coco put on a fashion show in last week's episode, being the maid of honor at her friend Diana's wedding seems like it would be a piece of cake, right?

Well, not quite. First there's the problem that Coco has never been a maid of honor before, and is a bit overwhelmed by all the details. Her speech so far is only "Diana..." and she's confused about when you ding the glass and when you don't.

"Then I say you can kiss the bride?" she asks Soulgee. "You're not the preacher!" he explains. Good thing Soulgee knows what's up, or Coco would be marrying Diana twice.

Soulgee is also full of ideas when it comes to the bachelorette party. Coco wants to have it at a place called Lucky Cheng's, and between her and Soulgee, ideas for extras include strippers, limos, tiaras and penis hats. 

Ice wisely chooses to just look on in disbelief during this whole exchange. "You guys got this," he says. "Dick hats and limos, I like it. I won't be there."

But trouble soon strikes: Coco gets a call from Diana telling her that the wedding is off! Apparently her fiancé disappeared for a few days and they broke up after that.

Coco is sad to see her best friend so upset, but she has another project that's taking a lot of her attention. Her mother, Tina, is in town and the two of them are putting together a VIP indoor dog park. The name: Club Spartacus!

Coco claims that Maximus gave her the idea. "Maximus can talk?" asks Ice. Coco nods. "Okay, these conversations that you have with me, like this? Don't have them with other people," Ice advises.

Tina and Coco scope out a rival dog park for ideas and eventually find the perfect place, even though Coco notes that "her chi kinda clashes with my chi sometimes." Club Spartacus is on the rise!

Feeling industrious, Coco even tries to set Diana up with the realtor, Padraic. But Diana and Tina both chide Coco for the attempt, saying that it's too soon. Well, if Coco can't set Diana up, she'll just cheer her up!

Coco comes through with Diana's bachelorette party anyway, and the girls all party the night away at Lucky Cheng's, just like they planned. "Who needs men when you've got drag queens?" Coco asks. "I gotta let that sink in," says Ice.

But Ice proves that, even with all her Coco-isms, he still loves his wife: "If I were to lose you, I don't think I'd ever meet anyone like you again," he says. Awww.

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