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Ice and Coco learn to play the waiting game on this week's episode of Ice Loves Coco, as construction on their new house gets delayed and the countdown for Spartacus to become a dad gets underway.

Things start to go awry on a visit to the construction site, when they realize no one is actually working on the house. Uh oh.

"Apparently, the house is being delayed because we like things custom built," Ice says. By "things" he means custom lifts, a glass elevator, wine cellar, and the Coco cave—which is said to be bigger than any closet in New Jersey!

The whole point of the new pad is so that Ice and Coco can start a family, but as Coco explains, "A few months ago I was diagnosed with an extreme case of high blood pressure." For Coco, that means that if she wants to have a baby she needs to get those numbers to come down. And, after making some serious lifestyle changes, an upcoming doctor's appointment will reveal the results of those changes.

Coco hopes that a night out with her friend Diana will help take her mind off things—especially with the news of Diana's engagement!—but her concern for her health is all consuming. "Hearing about Diana's new life changes is very exciting, there's all these wonderful things going on," Coco says. "But all I can think about is this doctor's appointment."

Between her health, the new house and trying to sell the condo—which Coco neglected to tell Ice about, whoops!—the stress is starting to take a toll. Things don't get any easier when Coco has to work on her Licious clothing line.

"It's that time of year again," Coco says while in a fabric store. "I'm really hands on with my clothing line and it's something I'm really, really passionate about, but having a clothing line is a lot of work."

Though, she can't work for too long, as she gets a call to tell her Winnie is in labor. The excited soon-to-be grandma races to the puppy emergency room and makes it just in time for the delivery. In total, Winnie gives birth to five boys and one girl. Awww! So cute!

"When I saw that little girl, I just fell so in love," Coco says. "I knew I wanted the girl. Or maybe one of the boys…I just don't know, but I'm so relieved!"

With one hurdle down and another to go, Ice and Coco head to the doctor's office for the moment of truth. Ice tries to comfort Coco by telling her he has "special therapeutic powers" and he can already tell her blood pressure went down. Turns out he might be right! Because her test results come back normal, and the doctor says, "If you guys want to plan a family in the future, you're clear to go."

Even though it's great news, Coco has to focus on another family first: which of Spartacus' puppies will be coming to live with them. "I thought it was going to be really hard picking out a puppy because they're so dang cute," Coco says. "But it turned out this little guy picked me."

Ice dubs the new pup King Maximus and, as Coco explains, this is the only family she needs right now.

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