Ice Loves Coco

On this week's episode of Ice Loves Coco, the Ice family is reunited under one roof and tensions start to rise.

The family reunion includes Ice's daughter and first born, LeTesha, her son and Ice's grandson, Ely'jah, 16, the birthday boy, Little Ice, who's turning 20-years-old and his girlfriend, Jasmine.

"She's pretty," Coco says of Jasmine, remembering that Little Ice recently had his heart broken. "This will be interesting."

"The good thing about us—our side of the family is—you only have to meet us for five minutes and you either like us or you don't. That's why this is a test, if Jasmine still likes Ice at the end of this we'll know it's real."

The test isn't quite enough for Coco though, as she becomes a momma bear and gets territorial over Little Ice's heart. "I'm warming up to this girl, but I'm still going to keep an eye on her," she says.


How will Coco handle the pressure of protecting Little Ice?

Tune in for an all new episode of Ice Loves Coco on April 8 at 10:30/9:30c, only on E!

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