Ice-T, Coco

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On this week's episode of Ice Loves Coco, Ice announces that he has booked a show in Atlantic City. He hasn't performed in some time, so this one has to count. He's especially leaning on Coco's support, but duty in the form of Coco's sister, Kristy, calls. Kristy has put together a fashion line for young girls—think frouffy inspired tutu's—and needs Coco's help to put together a show in Arizona. As fate would have it, the weekend Kristy has planned is the same as Ice's escape to Atlantic City. Yikes!

"Ice and I have an unspoken rule," Coco explains. "No matter how crazy our life is, we try not to spend more than 24 hours apart."

However, as soon as Coco arrives, Kristy starts to regret ever asking her sister for help. Coco immediately takes the reins of the fashion show, suggesting a fog machine and runway for the child models. "I don't care if it's an adult fashion show or a kids' fashion show, it's still a fashion show," she says.

It's clear that Coco is missing all of the signals her sister has been giving her when, in the midst of prep for the fashion show, Kristy exclaims, "You're stressing me out a little, Coco, to be honest." Things get worse when they find out they can't use the smoke machine in the mall, yet it's that small hiccup that is exactly the kick in the pants Coco needs to understand what she needs to do. "Minutes before the fashion show, I realize it's not about smoke machines, but it's about my sister and her amazing tutu line," Coco says. "This should be Kristy's special day. My job is just to get out of the way and help her with her show."

Coco backs off and the show goes off without a hitch—unless you count one screaming little girl—and Kristy is even approached by a store who's interested in carrying her clothing line. Success!

While prepping for another kind of show, Ice is left without his number one fan, and seems to be having a hard time getting through all the prep; getting flustered and making missteps on well-worn lyrics. His friend Mickey sees this, and comments, "I think what you're missing is Coco." Once Ice lands in Atlantic City, it becomes clear that Mickey is right when all he can think of is when he'll get to see Coco again. Luckily, his worry doesn't last very long, as Coco waltzes through the door, elated to be back with her man.

Just like the fashion show, Coco's mere presence seems to have the right effect. Ice performs to a sold out crowd, with his lady right by his side. They say behind every great man, there's a great woman, but these two seem to be on the same level at all times.

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