Ice Loves Coco

Looks like Ice and Coco are going through some serious separation anxiety!

When Coco heads to Arizona to help her sister, Kristy, organize a children's fashion show, Ice is left to fend for himself. Only problem? He's got a huge show in Atlantic City to prep for and has come down with a serious mental block. Maybe the problem is that Ice hasn't performed live in so long, but his friends have a different idea of what's really bothering him.

"I think what you're missing is Coco," Mickey tells Ice during practice. But if Coco is the missing ingredient that Ice needs to perform well for his fans, what will happen when he gets to Atlantic City?

Meanwhile, Coco starts to butt heads with Kristy when the sisters disagree on their visions for the fashion show. Coco treats marketing Kristy's tutu line like any other business: the bigger the better.

"Runway stage? Smoke machine? You're making me nervous," Kristy tells Coco. To which Coco shoots back, "I know it's a risk, but you have to take risks in order to get a return."

Will Kristy and Coco be able to meet somewhere in the middle, or will Coco take over Kristy's big fashion debut?

Let us know what you think will happen, and tune in this Sunday to find out!


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