Nicole Austin, Coco

Thibault Monnier/Rachid Ait,

Coco had to learn how to say, "Bienvenido a Miami!" on last night's episode of Ice Loves Coco.

That's because after filming back-to-back episodes of Law & Order, Ice was feeling burned out and in need of a little Miami R&R. "I just got to get out of New York," he told Coco. "I'm losing my mind." He sealed the deal by promising to take his wifey on a fishing trip—since the last time they went, Ice accidentally deleted all evidence of Coco nabbing an eight-foot, 131 pound marlin… Ooopsie!

The trip seemed to be just what the doctor ordered, and getting away even helped Coco's blood pressure go down! The two were lovestruck and enjoying a little alone time…That is, until Ice's friend Marc showed up. From that point on, Marc was glued to the couple's side—joining them on the beach, and even barging in on their romantic dinner. "When did I become the third wheel on my own vacation?" Coco lamented.

Ice pulled it together, though, and managed to ditch Marc before he ruined their fishing excursion. "If it's between Coco and Marc," he said. "Marc, I gotta diss you homie." Even though they got rid of one Marc, they wound up with another one…Mark the Shark, that is! A fishing captain who called himself the last shark hunter left on the planet, as he promised to help land Coco a big one. But just as Coco had a mah-velous marlin on the line, some serious gale force winds kicked in, making nabbing the prize a lot harder. "This fish and I were at war," Coco said. "He looked in my eyes. I looked at his eyes, and he knew I wanted to get him."

Get him she did! With the help of three men pulling in her catch, Coco snagged herself a seven-footer…Which, she promptly threw back in! But not before Ice made good on his promise and captured the whole thing on camera.

It was the poi-fect end to a great va-cay, and even Marc redeemed himself by treating the lovebirds to dinner at Mr. Chow's! Yum!

What did you think of last night's episode, was Coco right to be mad about the third wheel?

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