Remember: Someone's always watching!

That's especially true in Audrina Patridge's case as evidenced in the adorable clip above from Wednesday's brand-new episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry when Tyler Henry astounds the former reality star with a hilarious anecdote about her late grandfather keeping a very close eye on her.

"He immediately is having me talk about a very close connection to your child in the way this comes across," Tyler says, referencing Audrina's daughter with fiancé Corey Bohan. "There is an acknowledgement when it comes to the birth. There's a reference to the actual placement of the child, and I don't feel like the child is actually placed in the right way."

Audrina then confirms that information is accurate—her baby is breach.

"He's showing me you, and he's joking about a headstand," Tyler says. "I don't know what this is."

"Oh, I was doing that the other night. Oh my god!" Audrina responds. "I was trying to get her to turn around, so I thought if I go upside down off and on it might help."

Tyler laughs while revealing that her grandfather is making fun of her for it, and Audrina finds it funny that she was being watched.

"No one knows about that, that my baby was breach," she says. "I literally just found out at the doctor's yesterday, and the fact that I was trying to go upside down trying to get the baby to move. Who would have known that?"

Watch a brand new episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry Tuesday at 9 p.m. on E!

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