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Nick Cannon says he's heard "great reactions" from fans regarding the new Life & Style cover featuring wife Mariah Carey in the full bloom of pregnancy.

Of course, why wouldn't be people be excited? She's naked.

But the expectant father of twins exclusively tells E! News that the cover almost never happened—because he and the missus didn't originally intend for those photos to go public!

"That was a normal photo shoot, that wasn't really a photo shoot that we thought we were going to put out to the public," Cannon says. "It was something we did at home, in our bedroom—one light, nothing big, no hair and makeup...And the pictures turned out so beautiful, we're like, 'The world should see this.'"

"A pregnant woman, you know, is the definition of true beauty," he continued. "So I said, ‘Yeah, let's get it out there—now the world sees my wife.'"

Mariah Carey, Life and Style Cover

Life & Style

Well, we've seen her—and her bump—before, but true, not quite like this. Of course, Carey wasn't the only star of the photo shoot...

"I took some pictures too but I hope those don't come out, because I'm naked!" Cannon said, smiling. "And I don't know if people want to see me naked. Stick to Mariah. You don't want to see my butt all on the cover of a magazine. That's not fly."

Somehow, we have a feeling that the next time we see a new photo of the couple on the cover of a magazine, they're going to be holding twins. Carey is due any day now.

"As we're counting down the last days, I get all these different feelings...I have somewhat of a plan, depending on which day the babies come," he said, acknowledging that his schedule gets pretty hectic when he's doing his radio show and shooting America's Got Talent auditions. "There's nothing more important than the birth of your children. A lot of people might be mad at me, but I'm going to check out for a few weeks."

He says the suitcase (or cases, probably, in this case) is packed and ready to go and he's got a special ringtone on his cell phone to alert him when "it's time."

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