Miley Cyrus

Jeff Vespa/MC/

The video that hit the internet of Miley Cyrus smoking out of a bong is stirring up quite a bit of controversy. Of course at first everyone assumed that she was smoking the pot, but it has since been revealed that she was smoking something called Salvia. It's legal, so she isn't in any trouble with the law. But people are very upset that she has brought so much attention to the substance. Apparently Salvia can give the same effects as LSD and now people are concerned that young girls who look up to Miley are going to start smoking salvia now that they've seen the video and know it can be a good time. Everybody needs to calm down. If Miley Cyrus is your child's role model, you have bigger problems than whether or not they get their hands on this salvia business. I've been on a book tour for almost a year and I am wiped out, so I'm just upset that Miley knew about Salvia before I did.

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