Jesse James, Nightline

ABC/Patrick Wymore

Nightline released footage of the Jesse James interview a little at a time. There's been some video of him crying and walking off of the set, and now there's some footage in which he discusses how he felt while he was having multiple affairs.

James said that when he was "doing it," and by "doing it" he means "porking other women," he "knew it was horrible" and knew he'd get caught. He said. "…I think I wanted to get caught…"

No, he didn't. I got caught drinking and driving when I was 21. I didn't want to get caught. I just wanted to get through the drive-thru, go home, and watch soft core porn on Cinemax. When I went to my court-ordered AA meetings, I sat there really pissed off and disappointed in the amount of people that had given up alcohol. I didn't say, "oh this is great, I so wanted to get caught."

Nobody wants to get caught doing anything except playing catch. Even then it's only when you get really tired of running from the other person you're playing with.

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