Sandra Bullock, People Cover

In her interview with People Magazine, Sandra Bullock discussed her decision to adopt a baby in the United States. She says of New Orleans that it "was a place that we loved," but she didn't know if it was necessarily important to adopt from there. However she said that it was definitely "important to adopt from the U.S."

 I know exactly what she's talking about. I adopted Chunk from the United States even though there are plenty of Cambodian chow mixes that need a home. But, I, much like Sandra Bullock, feel an attachment to the United States and followed through with an adoption from here. 

I know this Sandra black baby story is getting a lot of press, and can only assume within the next few months Angelina Jolie will crack under the pressure and adopt a child from Detroit. That shouldn't be too difficult, she can just pick one up from a high school.

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