The Botched By Nature doctors changed Lee's life on Wednesday's episode!

On the show, doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow traveled to Louisiana to meet with Lee, who was born with frontal nasal syndrome. Lee revealed to the doctors that he was teased growing up and for the last five years he's "isolated" himself from the world, explaining that he pretty much "gave up" because he didn't think his nose could be "fixed."

Lee also explained that he was worried that his son Ian would be teased by his friends because of his appearance, which is a major reason why he wanted the doctors' help.

So were the doctors able to help him?

Take a look at the recap to find out and to see how the doctors helped Addie, a patient who was born a conjoined twin!

Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 104


1. Lee Reveals He's "Isolated" Himself Because of His Nose:

When the doctors meet with Lee, he explains to them that he was born with frontal nasal syndrome. Lee was born without a bone in his nose and the bone didn't develop.

Lee had his first surgery at the age of three and the doctors took a bone from his hip and grafted it into his nose.

As a result of the appearance of his nose, Lee was teased growing up and in the last five years he admits he's isolated himself.

Watch the heartbreaking clip above to see Lee tell his story!

Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 104


2. The Doctors Examine Lee's Nose:

After hearing Lee's story, the doctors take a closer look and examine his nose.

"You have a crooked nose, because you have that piece of hip which is in there and it's crooked, so I'm gonna fix that, we're gonna go in there and take it out," Dr. Nassif explains. "Once we take out that piece of hip and some of the cartilage inside of your nose, your nose is going to be pretty much like no nose, so I have to start and reconstruct. That's gonna be the challenge."

He then asks Lee, "Are you in?"

"I'm in!" Lee replies.

3. Addie Was Born a Conjoined Twin:

When Addie was born, she was born a conjoined twin. Unfortunately, Addie's twin didn't survive and the surgery that she had to have as a newborn left her with a complication on her behind. After hearing Addie's story, the doctors examine her and try to devise a plan to help correct her abnormality.

Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 104


4. Addie Says She's Been Waiting Her "Whole Life" for This Surgery:

Before surgery, Addie says she's been waiting her "whole life" for this moment.

When it's time to do the surgery, Dr. Dubrow explains his plan.

"My plan is to first perform liposuction on the flanks," he starts. "Next I will have to make incisions on both cheeks, lift up the scar tissue and removes some skin. Then I will close the incisions back up in a way that will hide her scars by moving them towards the inner cleft, remove the portions that cross the mid-line and will get rid of that big dent on the right cheek. Lastly, I will use the fat I took from the liposuction to fill any remaining concavity."

In the surgery, Dr. Dubrow is able to accomplish everything he wanted to with the help of his fellow doctors and is able to correct the abnormality on Addie's behind.

Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 104


5. Dr. Nassif Is Able to Make Lee's Nose More Narrow:

Before surgery, Dr. Nassif didn't think he would be able to make Lee's nose more narrow. But Dr. Nassif and his team are "extremely precise" and they're able to break Lee's "tiny nasal bones" to narrow the nose.

"Got some narrowing," Dr. Nassif says. "Can't believe it, got some narrowing."

Even though it was the "toughest case" of Dr. Nassif's last "five or six years," he's able to make the changes he wanted to to Lee's nose and tells his team they did a "great job."

Dr. Nassif later tells Lee that his nose is now "85% straighter" than it was before surgery.

Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 104


6. Addie Feels "More Confident" After Her Surgery:

After recovering from her surgery, Addie is ready to meet up with her loved ones. When she arrives, Addie's friends and family immediately start cheering.

"It feels amazing to show myself to my loved ones," Addie says. "This is the first time I ever walked into a room feeling this way."

She then tells her loved ones that she feels "more confident" after her surgery and has more "pep" in her step!

"I'm ready to live the rest of my full booty life," Addie jokes.

Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 104


7. Lee Is "Comfortable" & "Happy" After Nose Surgery:

Before his surgery, Lee admits he pretty much "gave up" and didn't think his nose could be "fixed." He also explains he was self-conscious and was worried that his son Ian's friends would tease him because of his dad's appearance. So after his surgery is complete and his nose is healed, Lee meets up with Ian and his sister Lauren to show off the results.

When Ian and Lauren see Lee's nose they say it's "amazing."

Lee explains that he can breathe better now, which means he and Ian can play any sport he wants to!

He then reveals before his surgery, "Not only was I self-conscious and insecure about my appearance, but I was also worried that my son would grow up with a dad that he was embarrassed of. Now that I've had this surgery I now that that's not gonna happen."

Lee says he's now "comfortable" and "happy" post-surgery.

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