29 DEC, 9PM

Can Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif right this wrong?

Brittany turns to the docs for help in this clip from Wednesday's all-new Botched after a previous plastic surgeon permanently left in a short-term valve during a breast augmentation. So how did this botched boob job come about?

When Brittany first began developing, she noticed that one breast had grown significantly larger than the other.

"I was almost a full C, if not going into a D, on my right side," admits Brittany. "And I had maybe a full A on my left."

Initially, Brittany thought her size disparity would right itself out. However, when this did not occur, she sought out medical help. During a consultation, a doctor advised Brittany to "implant the left" and "reduce and lift the right."

Botched, Brittany 417


While this recommendation makes sense to Dr. Dubrow, as it helps achieve "symmetrical upper fullness," it's what Brittany reveals next which leaves Terry with a dropped jaw.

Apparently, Brittany's previous doctor implanted a short-term valve in case any issues arose after surgery. All this time later, the valve still hasn't been removed.

"You're kidding me," Dr. Dubrow remarks upon learning this news.

"Adjustable saline implants are only to be put in for a very short period of time," Terry continues in a confessional. "I'm actually really curious to see what it looks like after this long a period."

Hear all about Brittany's botched boob job in the clip above!

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