29 DEC, 9PM

Botox: It's all fun and games until you end up with a cracked nose.

Ottavio, performer and one half of the animated pop duo Bratavio, is hoping the doctors can fix the nose he botched with Botox in this clip from Wednesday's all-new Botched.

"I had nose filler in the bridge of my nose," Ottavio explains.

"It was one of those Botox parties, but like fillers and everything else. You know, I had a glass of champagne and thought, 'Why not?' But as the needle went in, I heard it go crack." 

It sounds like champagne and Botox are not a winning combination.

Ottavio, Botched 416


"When you're putting filler in the face, it's not uncommon for the needle to hit the bone, but not a crack," Dr. Paul Nassif says. "Maybe that crack was the champagne talking."

Boozy blunder aside, Ottavio just wanted a straighter nose. But what he got instead was something drastically different.

"My nose is like a penis on my face," Ottavio admits. "It's just too big."

Hear all about Ottavio's LOL botched moment in the clip above.

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