29 DEC, 9PM

No one is immune to a botched surgery, including Real Housewives of New Jersey star Kim D.

In this exclusive clip from Wednesday's season premiere of Botched, Dr. Terry Dubrowexamines the reality star's breasts which have become encapsulated after a bad boob job.

"Let's look at the left one first. Thin skin, little bit of rippling and the nipple's going down. The treatment for that is to lower the pocket a little bit, that'll allow the nipple to come up and put a silicon implant in," Dr. Dubrow advises. 

And it appears there's problems on both sides.

"This one is classic encapsulation which is very significant. There are four grades. Grade one means soft, essentially no encapsulation. Grade four means super firm, painful and displaced," the doctor adds. "That's me," Kim agrees. "You have grade four," Dr. Dubrow confirms.

But Kim's problem isn't just a bad boob job. The encapsulation has left her little soft tissue to work with.

Kim D., Botched 413


"I have to find the right balance between manipulating her scar tissue to relieve her of her symptoms, but leaving her enough soft tissue so her breasts are aesthetically pleasing," he says.

It's going to be tricky and Dr. Dubrow can't be sure the surgery will work.

"We can do this if you want, but there's no guarantees that it's going to work," Dr. Dubrow warns.

Despite the doctor's warning, Kim is ready to move forward with the procedure.

"It's very scary when you don't know, 'Will it happen again? Will I be in pain again?' But I honestly have such faith in Dr. Dubrow, I feel great about it. I feel really great," Kim insists.

See Kim D.'s consultation in the clip above.

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