15 MAY

We're seeing double!

In Thursday night's brand-new episode of Botched, Dr. Paul Nassif put Brandon's twisted nose back in place to help him look like his twin brother Bryan again.

"Before my surgery, my nose was crooked as s--t," Brandon said. "It was completely deviated to the right and people didn't think that my brother and I were twins and I hated the way that felt. Now thanks to Dr. Nassif, my brother and I are more connected than ever."

In fact, the doctor did such a good job that Brandon's new nose looked even better than Bryan's. "If people do just happen to say that I am the better looking twin, then I only have Dr. Nassif to thank for that," he admitted.

Meanwhile, Dr. Terry Dubrow had his hands full with Olena, a patient with an extensive history of serious breast surgery complications. Over the course of six augmentations, she had experienced a hematoma, a collapsed lung and a seroma, which ultimately left her with "chesticles."

Cautiously optimistic, Dr. Dubrow underwent the procedure and was able to successfully give her boobs again while avoiding any life-threatening problems.

"Now thanks to Dr. Dubrow, I have breasts finally," she said. "I'm done with breast surgery." Whew!

Of course, the bizarre also happened when the Botched docs met with a woman named Alicia who wanted to look like a "f--k" doll. Yes, really.

Watch the recap video above to see everything that went down in tonight's episode!

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