Botched, Botched 313


Mama June just met the Botched doctors!

On Tuesday's season three mid-season finale of Botched, doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif met with Mama June to discuss how she's having irritation in her stomach area.

During her time with the doctors, Mama June explained how a combination of her four C-section surgeries and her recent 150-pound weight loss left her with excess scar tissue and "loose skin" that she wants removed.

So were the doctors able to help Mama June?

Take a look at the recap below to find out and to see more shocking moments from the mid-season finale of Botched!

1. Janan Wants the Doctors to Repair Her Nose Before Her Wedding:

The first patient the doctors meet with is Janan. Janan is about to tie the knot, but first she wants to fix her nose.

In the video above, Janan is examined by the doctors to see if they can help repair her nose, which has been botched twice!

Take a look at the video to see what happened during the exam!

Botched, Botched 313


2. Holly Had a Boob Job in a Strip Mall:

The second patient the doctors met with on this episode was Holly, who explained to them that she had a boob job in a strip mall.

After giving birth to her second child, Holly was only able to breastfeed out of one of her boobs, which made that breast "very low."

So in order to make her "feel good" about herself again, Holly decided to get breast implants. But since Holly was young and just at the beginning of her career, she didn't have a lot of money to spend and she "made an appointment for the cheapest" provider she could find.

After having the surgery, Holly went for a checkup seven days later and she could tell they were "uneven." While the doctor told her it was "just the swelling" and "with time it would go down," they didn't improve.

When the doctors examine Holly, they discover that she has a 3 cm difference between her two breasts.

"You have saline implants, on top of your muscle, very thin skin, very little breast tissue, a pocket on the right that is way too big and droopiness on one side much more than the other," Dr. Dubrow tells Holly.

And even though he says that these are "complicated" problems they're also "fixable" problems. So he's going to do everything he can to help repair her breasts.

Botched, Botched 313


3. Dr. Nassif "Removes'' Janan's "Natural Tissue" to Open Up Her Airways:

During surgery, Dr. Nassif is trying to open up Janan's airways but there's tissue obstructing it on the right side.

"I've done everything I can to open up Janan's airway, but there's still some residual, normal, anatomical tissue obstructing her right airway…I need to think out of the box," Dr. Nassif explains. "You know typically I would never remove a patient's own natural tissue, especially inside the nose, but in Janan's case I'm breaking the rules, I have to open up her airways so she'll be able to breathe better."

And it works!

Botched, Botched 313


4. Dr. Dubrow Realizes Holly's "Right Breast Is Much Larger Than the Left'':

During Holly's surgery, Dr. Dubrow can tell that Holly's boobs are different sizes.

"Now that I've got both muscles elevated and the creases adjusted, I realize that the right breast is much larger than the left," Dr. Dubrow explains. "So therefore I'm gonna put a correspondingly smaller implant on the right and a larger one on the left to make them more symmetrical."

After putting in the implants, Dr. Dubrow does a full lift on Holly's right breast. And while the surgery "turned out to be extremely complicated," it's also extremely successful!

5. Mama June Says Her Previous Doctor "Cut" Honey Boo Boo's "Head Open" During C-Section Birth:

When Mama June meets with the doctors, she tells them about the scar tissue she has as a result of her four C-sections.

In the clip above, Mama June also explains that during Honey Boo Boo's delivery, the doctor "cut" her "head open"  twice. Watch to see how the doctors react!

Botched, Botched 313


6. The Doctors Examine Mama June:

When the doctors examine Mama June, Dr. Dubrow tells her she has "abdominal pannus."

"You know what we call this?" Dr. Dubrow asks. "We call this an abdominal pannus, which basically means a drape."

"Knowing that I have that condition, I want the skin definitely removed…I hate it," Mama June says.

Dr. Dubrow then explains, "So BMI is the way we doctors figure out who's an appropriate candidate for surgery and who should lose some more weight. At 5'6'' 245, your BMI is 39, OK? So we like to see a BMI of like 28, so you lose 75 pounds, you come back to us, we'll remove that and make you happy. Good deal?"

"Good deal," Mama June tells him.

Having a high BMI means that there's would be an increased risk of complications during surgery.

"Right now her surgical risks outweigh the benefits of surgery, however we invite her back at any time once she's reached her goal," Dr. Dubrow explains. "And we really want to help her."

"Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow gave me a lot of good information and hopefully in a couple months  I'll be back and make them kind of proud and say, 'OK yeah we're gonna do surgery now,'" Mama June says. "This will be my reward for everything that I've done."

Botched, Botched 313


7. Holly Says She Doesn't Have a "Body Image Issue'' Anymore Post Surgery:

After recovering from her surgery, Holly meets up with her husband to go rock climbing.

"Now I don't have this body image issue that's just weighing on me," Holly says. "There's no pain now, I have no problems anymore and I get to wear cute clothes to go rock climbing."

Botched, Botched 313


8. Janan Is "More Confident" After Having Nose Surgery:

"Today is the beginning of a new journey for me," Janan explains after recovering from her nose surgery. "It's my bridal shower and it's also the first time my close friends and family get to see my new nose. Ever since I got my first nose job I've been insecure, I've been unhappy and it's been all I ever thought about. But now I love my nose and I'm more confident and I'm just super excited for them to see it."

When Janan shows everyone her nose they tell her she looks "so good" and her nose "looks amazing."

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