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PrettyLittleThing is on the forefront of the self-love, body positivity movement. Just in the last few months they have extended their sizes to a 26, partnered with Ashley Graham for a plus-sized collection, and featured models of varying body types in the new Haley Baldwin collection.

Read more about how PrettyLittleThing ambassador, Leslie Sidora, celebrates her own body and female empowerment.

We love a confident queen!

How did you get into modeling and what do you love most about it?

While visiting nyc my best friend who is a photog and I decided we wanted to make images that made me feel good about who I am, how I want to dress. Images that were fashion forward in a way that made me feel how I hadn't felt before. We posted them on Instagram and realized that there were girls and women that felt the same way I did.
They were so supportive that it made us more enthusiastic about pushing it further!
In 3 months, I was scouted by my mother agency ...

What do you find most inspiring about PrettyLittleThing's clothing?

PLT has made a place where plus size women are celebrated and promoted in the same way as main range models. Women deserve to be celebrated and feel confident, sexy. I think that it is what we are doing I couldn't be more proud to represent my plus-sized sisters and hope that they will feel as amazing as I did when we shot them! PLT has made a place where plus size women are celebrated and promoted in the same way as main range models. Women deserve to be celebrated and feel confident, sexy. 

What did you like most about working on the Hailey Baldwin campaign?  Any special memories?

The latest campaign is all about celebrating body positivity. Creating a confidence through lifestyle & fashion. The fact that they've use two different sized models to show how the same styles are worn on different body types is amazing! this embodies female empowerment. I'm proud of what PLT is doing, I'm happy to work with brands like them who always challenges me with new ideas.
I shoot for PLT every week and it is noticeable how many more opportunities there are to represent these girls. I really hope we continue to double-shoot in the future.

What's the best body positive advice you've ever received?

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes but the most attractive thing about any of them is the confidence of the person in them, and the way they treat others and make people feel!

We are all different. At some point ‘someone' decided what was sexy or beautiful and what wasn't. That someone is no more qualified to say what's sexy than anyone else. So why not me? Why can't I decide what's beautiful or sexy? So I did. 
I want to make people feel amazing in their bodies!

Most people's opinions are attached to what they've been told. I want to let them know that amazing comes in all sizes and body types.


Embrace all your curves with PrettyLittleThing!

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