The Bi Life Bio: Leonnie Cavill

Bio: Leonnie Cavill

By EOL Staff Oct 19, 2018 3:58 AMTags
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Leonnie is a Holiday Rep and has recently returned from working in Ibiza. She doesn't want to rush finding somebody, and enjoys the party lifestyle. However she's aware that all of her friends are beginning to settle down and this is something she is thinking about. She describes her love life as being ‘unlucky in love' and applied for the show because she wants a new adventure, experiencing more dates with girls to explore her type, and hopefully find a connection with somebody. Leonnie said "I think that the message that The Bi Life gives out is one that I really stand behind." In touch with her spiritual side, she doesn't like materialistic people and adds that even when she is rich and famous, you will still find her in the reduced aisle!