Diet Coke, Pumpkin Spice, Joke

The Coca-Cola Company

They're pranksters, those folks at Coca-Cola.

A mock ad for a pretend "Can't Even Pumpkin Spice"-flavored Diet Coke was posted on the brand's official Twitter page on Wednesday, just as other companies are beginning to promote their seasonal pumpkin spice-flavored offerings.

"This fall, we're going full-blown basic. #DoesntGoWithPumpkinSpice," the tweet read.

The tag line for this mock ad? "Because I can't"—a spoof of Diet Coke's early 2018 "Because I Can" campaign to promote its rebranding and new line of flavored beverages, which come in skinnier cans.

"Am I being punk'd here??" a fan asked about the Pumpkin Spice photo.

"The world may never know," was the reply.

"Hard pass," another person wrote.

"Fine, be that way," the brand replied.

Just before April Fools' Day, Diet Coke trolled its fans with a fake "Toasty Avocado" flavor.

If you still need your pumpkin spice beverage fix this fall, Starbucks Pumpkin Spice lattes are back. Coca-Cola also produces and distributes Dunkin' Donuts Ready to Drink iced coffee drinks, and a (real) pumpkin spice flavor was released last month.

When it comes to grocery items, nowadays you can find pumpkin spice RXBars and Perfect bars, Pepperidge Farm bread, pancake mixes and even pumpkin spice-flavored cottage cheese.

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