A stage crasher isn't going to rain on Beyoncé's parade.

Over the weekend, the Grammy winner and Jay-Z faced a close call when a man rushed the stage during their concert in Atlanta.

While the couple was unharmed after performing their final song "Apes--t" inside the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, backup dancers and security had to quickly spring into action before things got worse.

During Sunday's concert, however, Beyoncé decided to make light of the situation before her concert came to an end.

In videos surfacing on social media, the "Halo" singer was seen expressing gratitude for the audience before walking off stage.

"Give it up for yourselves for being a beautiful audience," she shared. "God bless you guys. Drive home safe."

But as she was walking off stage—while holding hands with Jay-Z—the singer quickly looked back to make sure nobody had jumped the stage. Spoiler alert: The stage was safe and Beyoncé couldn't help but flash a big smile on her face. Watch the moment here

According to Atlanta police, a man identified as Anthony Charles Thomas Maxwell ran onto the stage and approached Jay-Z.

Upon later investigation, officers were able to gather evidence showing the 26-year-old had made contact with the rapper. Police later secured warrants to add additional charges of simple battery.

"Thank you to all the fans for your concern," Beyoncé's publicist wrote on Instagram with a photo of the power couple. "They are fine and looking forward to the show tomorrow."

And yes, the show must go on!

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