Watch Kristin Cavallari Try to Twerk After Taking Shots With Her Employees on Very Cavallari

By Mona Khalifeh Aug 07, 2018 2:00 PMTags

Once a party girl, always a party girl!

Kristin Cavallari shows her Uncommon James employees how it's done while on a company retreat to Florida in this clip from Sunday's all-new Very Cavallari.

"I honestly cannot remember the last time I went out and didn't have a fear of waking up to three kids in the morning," the mom of three says before ordering a round of shots for the group. "I'm not even thinking about being hungover the next day. At this point, all I wanna do is have some fun."

And Kristin isn't playing any games when it comes to having a good time.

"If I commit to going out and really doin' it, then I don't have an off switch, so you literally have to pull me out of the bar," Kristin jokes.

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And her party girl antics are a hit with her employees, especially Shannon Ford.

"Kristin, she can out-drink all of us," Shannon tells the camera. "This version of Kristin is my favorite version of Kristin."

It's not long before a twerk contest ensues, with Kristin strutting her stuff from behind the bar.

See the Uncommon James boss get down in the clip above!

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