Shawn Mendes, The Late Late Show, 2018

Terence Patrick/CBS

When it comes to voice cracks, have mercy on Shawn Mendes

The 19-year-old has spent most of his musical career in the midst of puberty and, as a result, has had to cope with the literal highs and lows of his voice. "Puberty—it's a weird thing," he quipped to James Cordenon The Late Late Show Tuesday night. 

"You saw me at the beginning of puberty, halfway I'm a full grown man with chest hair," Mendes joked. 

Nowadays, while his voice has deepened, he chooses to sing higher through "falsetto," a technique that helps the singer hit notes outside of their range. 

"I was obsessed with falsetto," Mendes told Corden, so much so that he worked with a voice coach for three years to learn how to do it properly. 

While his voice cracks may be in the past, Corden revived them with a montage of his various voice breaks over the years. 

"This is Shawn Mendes going through puberty in front of millions," the late-night host joked as he introduced the clip. 

As for Mendes, the star laughed at himself the entire way through. 

Take a look for yourself in the clip above!

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