Preston A. Whitmore II is not a newcomer to directing (Crossover is his third feature), but you'd never know it to look at this shoddily made drama that incorporates all the clichés of both sports and "urban" youth movies against a backdrop of barely dressed sets and cheap-looking locations.

The budget appears to have been blown entirely on a single yellow motorcycle and team uniforms for the underground streetball games that are the film's raison d'être.

Promising student Cruise (Wesley Jonathan) and his taciturn buddy Tech (Anthony Mackie) must choose between the dreams of playing basketball and the realities of needing a good education. All this while being distracted by the likes of gold-digging hottie Vanessa (America's Next Top Model Eva Pigford), a hustling agent (Wayne Brady, who can't save the movie all by himself), and Tech's unstable temper--which, in the film's most unintentionally hilarious scene, gets triggered on the Sony Pictures lot, causing him to run back to his hotel and get drunk on two beers.

The basketball games showcase some entertaining moves, but when it comes to the rest of the flick, any USC undergrad student could have done better.
--Luke Y. Thompson

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