Confetti, which comes to us courtesy of U.K. director Debbie Isitt, features stars of British stage and screen. The concept is perfect: an almost completely improvised mockumentary--inviting comparison to Christopher Guest's Best in Show or Waiting for Guffman--about three quirky couples competing in a contest sponsored by a wedding magazine.
The couple that puts on the most fabulous wedding wins a house, but it's clear that those who escape with their sanity and relationship intact are the real winners.

Improvisation is an art, and the actors here handle it well, which is impressive enough. But the movie presents few flashes of brilliance or memorable belly laughs.

There's that fine line between trying-too-hard outrageousness and truly hilarious absurdity, a line that Guest toes so well in his projects, and Confetti just doesn't cut it. Like your typical wedding cake, it's a light, fluffy concoction--and not much more.
--Dezhda Mountz

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