Remember Sweet Home Alabama? Imagine if you replaced Reese Witherspoon and Josh Lucas with Kelly Preston and Toby Keith, and you'd kinda, sorta have this movie, brought to you by Country Music Television.

Ironically, where Sweet Home Alabama was billed as a comedy, while not being particularly funny, Broken Bridges is supposed to be a family-values drama, but elicits more laughs than tears.

Keith, in a real stretch, plays an alcoholic country superstar who returns home for a funeral at the same time as his old flame Preston, who's now a successful TV news anchor. In an ironic twist, Keith's character comes into conflict with his illegitimate daughter, an outspoken chick named Dixie, who's, uh, not ready to make nice.

Director Steven Goldmann seems to be going for a white-guy version of a Tyler Perry play--but instead of a badly made-up Perry in drag as the sassy grandma, he has a badly made-up Burt Reynolds in a shoe-polish-black toupee as the cranky grandpa. Strictly for fans of Keith, or drunk people with bemused contempt for same.
--Luke Y. Thompson

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