It may be Oscar sunday, but Dwayne Johnson is celebrating a very different award show.

The Rock took to Twitter to 

It may be Oscar Sunday, but Dwayne Johnson is celebrating a very different award show.

The Rock took to Twitter to announce that he was awarded a Razzie Award for his role in Baywatch. 

"Oscar Sunday! I'm super pumped and very proud for my buddies who've been nominated tonight, pulling for you guys to bring home the gold! I'm also excited because I was just informed that I too am bringing home the gold tonight. No not an Oscar, maybe one day, but a Razzie," Johnson says with a chuckle.

The award, which is given to the industry's worst movies of the year, was awarded to Baywatch on Saturday for a special category the Razzie's and Rotten Tomatoes created called, "The Razzie Nominee So Bad You Gotta Love It!"

"But here's the cool thing: the movie was so bad they actually had to create another category," Johnson explains. "The new category is a movie so rotten you eventually fell in love with it. I'm not kidding, which means the s--t sandwich you have been eating is so bad that you eventually started to like it. Look, we made Baywatch with the best of intentions, it didn't work out like that, but I humbly and graciously accept my Razzie and I thank you critics, thank you fans!"

Here's to bringing home that Oscar's gold next year!

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