There's a new SURver in WeHo and she's ready to inspire you. 

After a brief moment in last week's episode, Vanderpump Rules fans will officially meet a new member of the SUR family in tonight's annual Gay Pride episode, with Lisa Vanderpump introducing Billie Lee in E! News' exclusive sneak peek above.

Calling her "an important part" of the SUR family, Lisa brings Billie out to share her story. "My name is Billie Lee, and I am transgender," the SUR hostess says. "I went through so much of my life ashamed of who I was and I went through a transition where I wasn't accepted by society and this woman [Lisa] hired me and you accepted me." And what better way to cap off the truly beautiful moment than by Lisa pouring a shot into Billie  Lee's mouth?!

Billie Lee, Instagram


Ahead of her big debut in tonight's episode of the Bravo hit, Billie Lee sat down with E! News' Zuri Hall, dishing on her role in the show, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright's cheating scandal and who she might clash with.

While some people aren't very happy with Jax right now, after he admitted to cheating on Brittany, Billie Lee seems to have a soft spot for the bartender.

"When I started at SUR they were going through their whole drama and him cheating and I felt like everyone was so mean to him," Billie Lee says of Jax. "I didn't really know him and I'm the kind of person if someone's in the doghouse I want to go and pet the dog, give him a little bone and say hi...I just wanted to inspire him and not be mean to him." However, Billie understands "why so many people are mad at Jax" because Brittany "deserves the world."

So Billie Lee isn't involved in their drama...but Stassi Schroeder might be a different story.

"Sometimes I don't know the vibe, I'm like, is she for real?" Billie Lee says, adding that Stassi is "so kind." But still: "I definitely have some drama with her. Sometimes I think she's a little judgmental."

As for what Billie Lee had to say about the rest of the cast, including who Lisa warned her to stay away from, watch the interview above now. And while any viewer knows mixing romance with Pumptinis isn't always the best idea, Billie Lee teases we will be seeing her dating life on the show...possibly with someone we know. 

"There are so many hot guys at SUR and I'm like, ‘Who's available?!'" she spills. "You see me dating. I definitely like a couple of guys there and I really, really find one of them really great."

To hear more from Billie Lee about her relationship with the Pump Rules gang and wanting to share her "personal experience" on the show, watch our interview with her above. 

Vanderpump Rules airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

(E! and Bravo are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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