Camila Cabello might have something more to celebrate than a new hit album.

That's because the 20-year-old singer told Zane Lowe on his Beats 1 show that there might be a new love in her life. 

Lowe asked the singer to give him a sneak peek of something that she was currently working on.

"Oh my god this is, this is a lot. OK. Well, I just wrote, I can't say your name without smiling," Cabello said. 

He went on to ask, "Someone special in your life, Camila?"

She smirked and said, "Maybe."

That's when Lowe recalled the first time they met and something that "Havana" singer told him, "You were like, I've got a lot of hurting, got a lot of healing. And now..."

"I know, and now it's a lot of lovin'," Cabello said. 

The singer also talked about the inspiration behind her song, "In the Dark." 

"I wrote, 'In the Dark' after a Grammy party last year. So basically, the song is kind of making an observation from the outside looking in about somebody that I met and that I was kind of having this flirtationship with, and it was like, you know, a famous guy. And I was just kind of noticing that a lot of the times it's this facade with people that are celebrities and they kind of can't turn it off like it's always a performance. You know what I mean?" the singer explains. "It's this mirage, and I don't want to fall in love with a name or just because you're famous or who you are. You know, I want to get to know the real person. Perfection is boring. So basically, that's what that song is about, me wanting to get to know the real person." 

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